Talingngam muay thai presents: Strahinja the serbian fighter

21 Feb

“Talingngam Muay thai presents” is a series of articles presenting fighters, trainers and other people that has stopped by talingngam gym, in this post: Strahinja!


Nationality: Serbian
Name: Strahinja Ivanovic
Age: 31

How did you discover Martial arts/Muay thai?

I grew up in Serbia and initially I was just playing volleyball, it wasnt until high school that my focus shifted towards kickboxing. Kickboxing was a popular sport in my surrounding. I was competing as an amateur more or less regularly after high school, along with studying law.

After graduating with a law degree, I went to the USA to pursue my dream of becoming a professional fighter. There were more options to compete in muay thai bouts, so I adapted. For nearly four years I was fighting full time. I fought on some of the biggest promotions in the USA,

With the experience I gained during my stay in the US, I could fight on big K-1 promotions when I returned to Europe. Eventually, I moved to Tromsø in Norway to obtain my master degree in the Law of the Sea. During the study time I was fighting full contact kickboxing in Norway, winning the national championship.

How did you end up at Talingngam Muay thai?

 Just upon graduating in Tromso, I got the offer to fight for the S3 promotion muay thai world title in England. I accepted the offer, and packed my bags to go to Thailand to get ready. Fatima Pinto, a good thaiboxer whom I know from Norway, recommended the Talingngam Muay Thai gym. The gym showed out  to be a perfect match for me to prepar at. Thanks to the great group of people in the gym I was able to adapt my fighting style for the upcoming muay thai match.


61 fights of which 42 wins, 19 losses

Next fight:

26th February 2017 in England, against Dan Edwards, for the S3 World title.

Idols and inspiration: 

I do not believe in idols, but what I do believe is that every person carries something worth admiring and inspirational within. I have been lucky to train with great training partners and coaches and I was able to find inspiration in many of them.

Favorite thai dish?

I have to be little cheesy here – pad thai. However, not any pad thai, but the one with peanut sauce made in the restaurant next to the Talingngam gym. So all Talingngam muay thai visitors – head to the restaurant next door after the training (if you are not cutting weight!)


Strahinja fighting and training
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