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Introducing Talingngam Muay thai Kru Muay certificate

19 Apr

Talingngam instructor course, become a Kru Muay!

Talingngam Muay thai has now trained and certified its first foreign trainer. Ahmed Ben Aicha from Sweden came to us in March with the main reason to improve his ability as a instructor of Muay thai. We prepared for him a step by step course to teach him our way and method of teaching the basics of Muay thai to our students. The course have included all the basic techniques, the order in how we teach them and how to hold pads. Ahmed who already had some background as a trainer and instructor had no problem acquiring these skills.

As a proof of having completed the course Ahmed has been awarded a certificate stating his competence as a Kru Muay (instructor of thaiboxing).

ahmed holding pads eat watching ahmed holding pads ahmed holding pads2 ahmed holding pads3 lesson with Eat recieving certificate


Congratulations Ahmed and welcome as a Kru at Talingngam Muay thai!

It’s been a big fight week for talingngam fighters

05 Mar

Its been a buisy fight week for Talingngam fighters this week. Ole from Norway and Saengtian from Thailand fought at Petchbuncha on wednesday 2 March. Ole had been in good preparation and finished his fight with a second round KO after a straight right punch that made his opponent hit the floor, Saengtian who was called in last moment and hadnt trained did what he could based on his experience and made a good fight that lasted five rounds but lost on points.

Ole after winning his fight
Ole after winning his fight

Friday 4 of March it was Adrien and Man-u’s turn to fight at Chaweng Stadium. Man-u fought with experience and won on TKO in round 3 ater a knee to the head. Adriens fight became a real war that made the crowd go in extas, the fight became a real knee war with both opponents smashing knees to each others bodies, it went all five rounds, both fighters was exhausted and the judges called it a draw which was a fair desicion.

Man-u and Kru Petmongkon after the fight
Man-u and Kru Petmongkon after the fight
Adrien before stepping out to the ring
Adrien before stepping out to the ring
Adrien toghether with his opponent and Kru Iang
Adrien toghether with his opponent and Kru Iang

Max muay thai 21st february

25 Feb

Max Muay thai’s event from 21st february in its full. Inlduing 4 man-tournament in 75 kg as well as Kriss’s fight starting at 33 min in the clip

Fightnight new stadium

18 Jun

Kriss has checked weight and is ready to fight Chonlaek from WMC at the opening night of the stadium in Chaweng, Samui stadium


Introducing a customer survey

20 Apr

Talingngam customer survey

In order to improve ourselves and the training experience for our customers we have now constructed a customer survey that can be filled out when the training with us has been completed. The survey contains aspect about your experience from the trainers as well as the environment of the gym. The survey will be available at our gym but also online via this link: customer survey

Officially introducing our fitnessclass!

27 Nov


Now introducing our fitnessclass!

Talingnam gym now offers fitness classes, try it out while your here!

The fitness classes mixes crossfit with cirquit excercises and all kinds of functional training drills, of course with a bit of muay thai influence.fitnessposter

Petchboncha fightnight 5th November

06 Nov
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Fightupdate from 5th November; Petchbooncha Stadium

Yesterday Three of our boxers did good fights at Petchboncha stadium. Petpallan and Petmongkon both fought well but lost closely on points. Kriss fought Mungsamkiat for the second time and won by tko in round 4 after a good placed elbow.



Kriss’s Fight: