Talingngam Muay thai presents: Magnus the swedish champ

23 Mar

“Talingngam Muay thai presents” is a series of articles presenting fighters, trainers and other people that has stopped by talingngam gym, in this post: Magnus!

Nationality: Swedish
Name: Magnus Andersson
Age: 23

How did you discover Martial arts/Muay thai?

I started with martial arts when I was 15 years old because me and my friends thought it seemed cool. That’s how it started and as time went on I started to take it more seriously. Eventually it was only me left of the five friends that originally started. I did my debut in the ring when I was 18 years old and since then I’ve put almost all my free time on thaiboxing.

How did you end up at Talingngam Muay thai?

Six months ago me and my girlfriend decided to go to Thailand for training. I had already been in Phuket four times before so I thought I would try something on a different side of Thailand and we decided to go to Koh samui. At first I didn’t quite know what gym to choose and by coincidence I saw a video of one of Kriss’s (talingngams) fights on Max Muay thai, I thought he seemed quite good so I sent him a message and asked about the island and the gym he was training at. That’s how we decided to go and try it out on Talingngam muay thai, I liked it here and have now been here for 5 months.


33 fights 26W 7L

Next fight:

Super muaythai (workpoint channel) 25th March

Idols and/or inspiration: 

I like Yodsaenklai Fairtex style of fighting, especially his left kick. I also look up to Giorgio Petrosyan which has a bit more of kickboxing in his style.

Favorite thai dish?

Noodle soup with pork

Magnus fighting and training

Talingngam muay thai presents: Strahinja the serbian fighter

21 Feb

“Talingngam Muay thai presents” is a series of articles presenting fighters, trainers and other people that has stopped by talingngam gym, in this post: Strahinja!


Nationality: Serbian
Name: Strahinja Ivanovic
Age: 31

How did you discover Martial arts/Muay thai?

I grew up in Serbia and initially I was just playing volleyball, it wasnt until high school that my focus shifted towards kickboxing. Kickboxing was a popular sport in my surrounding. I was competing as an amateur more or less regularly after high school, along with studying law.

After graduating with a law degree, I went to the USA to pursue my dream of becoming a professional fighter. There were more options to compete in muay thai bouts, so I adapted. For nearly four years I was fighting full time. I fought on some of the biggest promotions in the USA,

With the experience I gained during my stay in the US, I could fight on big K-1 promotions when I returned to Europe. Eventually, I moved to Tromsø in Norway to obtain my master degree in the Law of the Sea. During the study time I was fighting full contact kickboxing in Norway, winning the national championship.

How did you end up at Talingngam Muay thai?

 Just upon graduating in Tromso, I got the offer to fight for the S3 promotion muay thai world title in England. I accepted the offer, and packed my bags to go to Thailand to get ready. Fatima Pinto, a good thaiboxer whom I know from Norway, recommended the Talingngam Muay Thai gym. The gym showed out  to be a perfect match for me to prepar at. Thanks to the great group of people in the gym I was able to adapt my fighting style for the upcoming muay thai match.


61 fights of which 42 wins, 19 losses

Next fight:

26th February 2017 in England, against Dan Edwards, for the S3 World title.

Idols and inspiration: 

I do not believe in idols, but what I do believe is that every person carries something worth admiring and inspirational within. I have been lucky to train with great training partners and coaches and I was able to find inspiration in many of them.

Favorite thai dish?

I have to be little cheesy here – pad thai. However, not any pad thai, but the one with peanut sauce made in the restaurant next to the Talingngam gym. So all Talingngam muay thai visitors – head to the restaurant next door after the training (if you are not cutting weight!)


Strahinja fighting and training

Talingngam Muay thai presents: Kriss, a swedish professional thaiboxer

09 Feb

“Talingngam Muay thai presents” is a series of articles presenting fighters, trainers and other people that has stopped by talingngam gym, in this first post: Kriss!

Kriss Talingngam

Nationality: Sweden
Name: Christoffer Axelsson
Fight name: Kriss Talingngam
Age: 29

How did you discover Martial arts/Muay thai?

I have always been active and did wrestling, fotball and tried a few different other sports as a youngster but I learnt that I preffered individual performance sports rather then the team sports. When I was around 17-18 my friend took me with him to some different traditional japanese martial arts, at the same time K1 was getting popular on Eurosport and we saw this guy from thailand dominate all the others in the ring. The guy from thailand was Buakaw por.pramuk (Banchamek) and his style was muay thai. Me and my friend decided that this is what we had to do so we found a thaiboxing gym in our city that we started to go to.

I got more and more pulled into the sport and decided to go to the land of origin to learn from the real masters. And thats how it started, in the beginning I went to thailand about once every second year, combining it with long distance studies, and when I gratuated from university I eventually ended up here without a ticket back home. I have now been at Talingngam muay thai for four years. I am making a living out of fighting and teaching muay thai on Koh samui, combined with other small jobs the island offers.

How did you end up at Talingngam Muay thai?

I was first training at a gym in Bangkok called Meenayothin, I got really impressed by their main trainer Wanmeechai due to his passion for teaching muay thai and his open mindness against learning new stuff, something I dont find so much in other thai trainers which usually just stick to traditional methods. After a while Meechai left Meenayothin to Talingngam, we still had contact and he made it possible for me to get a deal with talingngam muay thai that enabled it for me to live full time in Thailand.



75 fights of which 50 wins, 20 losses and 5 draws.

As a professional fighter im fighting regurarly, I have fought on Thaifight two times and can be seen on Petchbuncha stadium on Koh samui, Super muay thai on Channel 11, and sometimes other promtions.

Next fight:

11 february on Petchbuncha stadium against an old time champion Theerapong Sitgolyot (now Kiatkorwit).

Idols and inspiration: 

I get inspired by watching aggressive and forward moving fighters like Saeksan or Kwanmuang. Another good inspiration is the young teenage fighters at Talingngam gym that comes from a poor background and pushes themselves through long and hard trainings without complaining and quitting, whenever I feel tired and want to quit myself I can look at them and get inspired by their determination and discipline.

Favorite thai dish?

thai crispy pork in sweet bazil


Pictures of Kriss




A guest experience

21 Dec

Take some time and watch this video where Lucas from Sweden is sharing his experience at Talingngam Muay thai.

Thaifight result 15th October

19 Oct

Even though it wasnt Broadcasted in Thailand due to the tragic loss of Thailands King, Thaifight went on as scheduled in China, Chengdo where Kriss amongst others fought. Here are some of the results together with pictures.

Youssef Boughanem vs Ahmed Aushev (Youssef win by tko R1)

Sudsakorn vs Islam (Islam win by points)

Motoaki vs Chen (Motoaki loose on points)

Victor Pinto vs Zhang (Victor win)

Saenchai vs Jonathan Tuhu (Saenchai win tko R2)

Tengneung vs Erik (Tengneung win tko R1)

P T T vs Kriss Talingngam (P T T win on points)

Denphanom vs Jarred (Denphanom win points)

Payak Samui vs ?? (Payak samui win points)

Thaifight china fightcard Thaifight china fightcard Kriss Talingngam Kriss Talinggnam vs PTT Kriss vs PTT weigh in


The event is supposed to be broadcasted in Thailand next month, until then I just found this short clip on Saenchais TKO:


Result + video from Kriss’s wmc-fight

20 May

Kriss lost his WMC title fight after a somewhat questionable decision from the judges. Watch the fight yourself and see what you think.

All judges scored it 49 – 48 in the favor of his opponent.

Kriss next fight for world title WMC

25 Apr

Kriss’s next fight, his biggest so far, is for the WMC (World Muay thai Council) title in 70 kg category, He’s opponent is Thi rat, a young upcoming thai fighter.  The fight will be held in the stadium of Ao Nang in Krabi province.

WMC poster