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Long term stay

02 Oct

About Long term stay

This post is for you dedicated boxers that wants to invest in your fighting carrier by staying a longer time training and fighting Muay thai. Many rumors and news has circulated lately about Thai government regulating and tightening visa rules, making it harder for foreigner to get a long term visa in Thailand.

It is still very much possible to get a long term visa in Thailand and if you wish to stay with us a period longer than 6 months you might want to look in to this possibility. Best way is to get a ED-visa by enrolling in one of the local Thai or English language schools on the island.

The cost is around 24 000 baht which includes Thai or English lessons and will get you a 1-year visa. It is possible to apply and receive this visa before entering the country which will save you a lot of trouble doing visa runs and trips to immigration.

For you that want to dedicate your self to Muay thai for a longer period, staying and training with us, contact us and we will help you apply for this visa, free of charge, and provide you with the opportunities you need to reach further in your Muay thai carrier.


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